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My bonus offer
 Here's What You're Gonna Get
 DFY (Done For You) Funnel Design
• I know that tech stuff and funnels are the walls that face coaches to build their business. This is why I've decided to break these walls for you in my bonus offer...
• I'll design your funnel depending on your needs (whether you want a lead generation funnel, an application funnel, a launch funnel, a survey funnel, A VSL Funnel or an auto-webinar funnel) Just tell me what you need and I'll build it for you...
• Of course, you'll need a ClickFunnels account to benefit from this bonus (if you don't have one, you can get a fREE 14-day trial from Here. "I suggest you save the trial until I start designing your funnel") and you'll still need to supply the copy by yourself following Eben's teaching in the course (or from your copywriter.) I'll deliver the funnel design in a Lorem Ipsum style, but it's built Only for You!
($997 Value)
 Funnels Optimization Coaching
• I'll teach you how to edit and optimize your funnels, so when you receive your funnel from me, you can add your copy as you need...
• Then based on the performance of your campaigns, you'll need to optimize your funnels to boost conversions (like changing copy, images, videos,...,etc.) This training will teach you how to do all of that...
• So, I’m giving you a fish then teaching you how to fish for your future needs!
($297 Value)
 DFY Pixels & Tracking Codes Installation
• You'll need to measure everything you are doing if you are really committed to succeeding... This is why you need tracking codes installed to be in control...
• I'll install your Facebook Pixel (needed for FB Ads campaigns as you'll learn in the training,)Also, I'll install your Google Analytics, Google Ads Codes like Remarketing & Conversion codes and connect Your Google Analytics & Ads accounts for better managing of campaigns... 
• I'll install all of the above anywhere you like whether it's your funnel or your website...
($497 Value)
 Google Ads Templates
• I'm a certified Google Ads Specialist from Google... I've run hundreds of Amazingly successful Google Search Ads Campaigns for my own business...
• And since getting leads from google search is much easier than facebook, and Since Google ads is not covered in the Virtual Coach Training, I'm giving you a swipe file of Google Ads templates for coaches…
• Now you can edit these templates at your convenience after you sign up for the virtual coach program below...
($1000 Value)
 Google Search Ads Coaching
• Of course, I'll not leave you alone with the ads templates...
• I'll teach you how to create campaigns that yield the highest possible results and before this, you'll understand how Google ads works, so you can use it to your advantage.
• This training can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on wasted or expensive ads...
($497 Value)
Value From Eben Pagan: $32,682
Value From ElSayed ElAssal: $3,288
Total Value: $35,970
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>>Note: Bonuses Are Fulfilled After 45 Days Of Purchase (So You Can Focus On The Training) 
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